Engineering & Design


From your process comes the need for a solution and the answer begins with engineering.  Our team of Mechanical Engineers and Draftsmen work closely with customers to develop their ideas and specifications into final products that drive their businesses.  We combine over 40 years of vessel design and engineering with process requirements to meet your business goals.  At Fourinox, we truly believe “It’s what we put in the metal that matters” and that all starts with engineering and design.

  • Custom.  Your need is our specialty, and we excel at custom.  Whether it is an evaporator in Egypt, a cryogenic Lyophilizer in Japan or a chromatography column in California, we have done it.
  • Robust Solutions.  We specialize in heavy duty, industrial solutions that perform for decades.
  • Exotic Metals.  Custom meets specific in your choice of materials and we offer choices.  Whether it’s straight forward stainless steel or duplex, high nickel or even Titanium, we have the processes and experience to build what you need.


Our degreed engineers and draftsmen combine to bring your ideas to life and integrated into your process and production streams for years to come. Working closely with you, we combine our experience with your needs to determine a final product solution. Once the design is complete, materials chosen and the drawings approved, our work is double checked by a third-party inspection agency to ensure compliance with all requirements and specifications. This is the insurance it was done right and confirmed prior to release for fabrication.

Learn from our experts and check our Engineering Blog Posts on LinkedIn for tutorials on pressure vessel design, engineering, configuration, and quality control.


Our Engineers use the most advanced computer 3D modeling systems, design software and Finite Element Analysis to mechanically achieve even the most complex designs.  Design begins with calculations and specific consideration of process requirements, geographic location, and longevity expectations.  If your project requires 10 cycles per day, near a seismic fault 8,000 feet in elevation at a Lithium salt mine deep in Chilean mountains for the next 20 years, we can design it for you.

Process and structural calculations along with FEA and cyclic analysis give us the ability to fine tune a design to an infinite degree.  Once complete, we transform the design into a model in accordance with the analysis and end user specifications.  With AUTOCAD 2D or INVENTOR 3D, we then bring the design to “virtual life.”