About Fourinox


Fourinox was established in 1974 as a manufacturer of custom industrial fabrications, tanks, and pressure vessels.  Since then, a source of company pride is that we have many of the same clients who started with us more than 40 years ago.  Today, we continue with our high-quality solutions for clients in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Defense, Oil and Gas, Food, Paper, and Water Process industries.  Our clients are world class manufacturers in their markets, and you will find Fourinox vessels and heat exchangers around the globe in locations including Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Germany, and Egypt among others.


From your first call to the finished shipment, you will find a personal and committed approach from everyone at Fourinox.  Our company culture ensures an honest dedication to making commitments and delivering quality.  And it all begins with engineering.  Our full engineering department of Mechanical Engineers and Draftsmen work closely with clients to develop their ideas and specifications into final products that drive their businesses.  Our Engineers use the most advanced computer 3D modeling systems, design software and Finite Element Analysis to mechanically achieve even the most complex designs.  When design is complete, our Project, Quality Control and Production Managers will ensure your project is built to the highest standards and delivered on time.  It is in our DNA, it’s in our reputation and it’s what keeps our customers coming back.


One specialty lies within our name, Fourinox.  Inox – is derived from the French word Inoxydable and refers to our specialization in stainless and high alloy pressure vessels, tanks, and heat exchangers.  We have certified procedures and many years of experience fabricating projects with stainless steels and high alloys including Inconel, AL-6XN, Super Duplex, 2205, 2207 and Titanium.


Although a custom fabricator of any shape and size, the Fourinox advantage shows in complex and heavy service projects.  Our portfolio includes lethal service pressure vessels, Titanium process tanks and heat exchangers up to multistage 300’ long evaporation units.  The scope of a project is only limited by transportation permitting and we routinely ship vessels up to and exceeding 16’ in diameter.


Our central location in Green Bay, Wisconsin allows us to economically serve customers in the Midwest along with East, West and Gulf coast locations.  Shipping options include specialized trucking, rail, and barge shipping from the Port of Green Bay.  The facility’s 100,000 ft2 of production capacity is spread over 5 fabrication bays more than 320 feet long.  Using a combination of cranes and hydraulic jacks, our lifting capacity is only limited by the physical size of our production doors.  If it is less than 18 feet in diameter, we can build it and we can ship it!