At Fourinox, culture binds our relationships, the goals we set and what we build.

It comes from a midwestern ethic passed down in our DNA from our relatives, ancestors who immigrated from Holland, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, and Czechoslovakia. These were hardworking men and women who built what they needed. They were makers. People willing to take a chance and succeed or fail on the shoulders of their efforts alone! These are the people who built America. As they were, so are we.

At Fourinox, we believe in a CODE . . .


  • We treat others the way we would like to be treated.
  • We listen to others. AHA moments and unique solutions typically occur when we listen to viewpoints that are beyond our own.
  • We are efficient communicators. There is no value in adding more detail than is necessary. A “one decimal point” question requires a “one decimal point” answer.
  • We do not have “Meetings after the meeting.”
  • We deliver the mail to the right address.
  • A three decimal place question, requires a three decimal place answer.


  • We do our homework.
  • We show up on time.
  • We bring solutions. We do not just show up with the problem.


  • You will not get executed for telling the truth.
  • No “under the table” stuff. Get it all on the table.


  • We do what we say we will do and take accountability when we do not.
  • We make commitments on purpose and then we hold to them. If it becomes impossible to meet the commitment for a logical reason, we communicate that As Soon As Possible. There should be no surprises.
  • We confront issues with candor and respect.
  • As a team member, holding people accountable for meeting commitments that we agree on or are assigned, is not throwing them under the bus. It is ensuring the maximum performance of the team.


  • We trust each other to make good decisions based on the Waterline Principle.
  • We believe everyone is inherently good and wants to do the right thing. We give them the benefit of the doubt.