Quality Assurance

The Fourinox Quality Assurance program is certified to industry standards including; ASME, CE and API. We also have the capability of mechanical design in accordance with the German PED code - AD2000 Merkblatter.

In addition to our ASME manual, Fourinox maintains a procedures manual which designates control of all company operations. The table of contents for this manual is listed below and any Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or Work Instruction (WI)I is available as an uncontrolled copy, upon your request.



SOP 01 Management Responsibility
SOP 02 Quality System
SOP 03 Contract Review
WI 03-01 Estimating: Generating a Proposal
WI 03-02 Processing a Purchase Order
WI 03-03 Pre-release Meeting
WI 03-05 Processing a Change Order
WI 03-06 Shredder Blade Project Processing
WI 03-07 Warranty Acceptance
SOP 04 Design Control
WI 04-01 Engineering Change Orders
WI 04-02 Project Release for Fabrication
WI 04-03 Design Documentation Packages
WI 04-04 Customer Design Review and Approval
SOP 05 Document Control
SOP 06 Purchasing: Vendor Management
WI 06-01 Purchase Orders
SOP 07 Control of Customer Supplied Parts and Equipment
SOP 08 Product Identification and Trace Ability
SOP 09 Process Control
WI 09-01 Preventive Maintenance
WI 09-02 Cleaning Stainless Steel and Alloy Fabrications
WI 09-03 Chromaflow Column Assembly
WI 09-04 Half-pipe Fabrication
WI 09-05 Material Separation
WI 09-06 Solvox 333K Passivation
WI 09-07 Polishing
WI 09-08 Electro-Polishing
WI 09-09 D.I. Water Tank Cleaning
SOP 10 Inspection and Testing
WI 10-01 Fabrication In-process Inspection
WI 10-02 Machine Shop Inspection
WI 10-03 Hydrostatic Test Procedure
WI 10-04 Final Inspection
WI 10-05 Feroxal Test
WI 10-06 Chromaflow Column Leakage Test
WI 10-07 Sprayball Coverage Testing
SOP 11 Control of Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment
WI 11-01 Profilometer Control and Use
WI 11-02 Welder Calibration
SOP 12 Inspection and Test Status
SOP 13 Control of Non-conforming Product
SOP 14 Corrective and Preventive Action
SOP 15 Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery
WI 15-01 Receiving
WI 15-02 Shipping
SOP 16 Quality Records
SOP 17 Internal Audits
SOP 18 Training and Qualification
SOP 21 Operations Control
WI 21-01 Recycling
WI 21-02 Office Sprinkler System
WI 21-03 Accounting and Financing
WI 21-04 Inventory
I 21-05 Confined Space Policy and Entry Instructions


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