Past Projects

Chemical Process Industry

These tanks were made for use in Chemical manufacturing. Custom designed and built at Fourinox.
Half-pipe reactors are our specialty. These reactors are used in various industries including pharmaceutical and chemical.
If it can fit on a truck or railcar, we can build it. This reactor moved easily through our doors. Some only make it by fractions of an inch!
Alloy spool with dimpled heat transfer jacket.

Paper Industry

Custom fabricated pulpers.

Water Processing

Large scale heat exchangers. This one is in excess of 12' OD with more than 4,000 Titanium tubes.
WFI Tanks. WFI's (Water For Injection) are used for high purity applications in the pharmaceutical industry. These tanks are highly polished and this one was built with mirror finish cladding.
Another WFI tank built at Fourinox. This one, like many others, was electropolished to ensure the highest degree of surface finishing.
Skid and Module process fabrication and integration.
These water process modules were built for use on oil platforms in the Caribbean.
This process tank was built for water remediation in the oil industry.

Food Industry

Custom Mixers.
Close up of mixer machining completed in-house, at our full sized machine shop.
Mixer machining close up.


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