Company History

FOURINOX was originally established as Fourcorp in 1974. Back then we mainly served custom fabrication needs of the local paper industry in Wisconsin's "Paper Valley" (Green Bay and the Fox River Region). Soon thereafter we certified for fabrication of ASME process and pressure vessels and began work for Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers nationally and internationally.

Many things have changed since then, beginning with the purchase of the company in 2004 by Ben Meeuwsen. At that time, we decided to refocus on our core competency which is custom fabrication of stainless and high alloy projects. You see, INOX is a Latin derivation of the word Inoxible, which means stainless. So we added a dash of our beginnings and a pinch of the future and renamed the company FOURINOX.

As much change as we've had though, many things have stayed the same. Our people. More than 1 out of 5 of our employees have been with the company in excess of 20 years! We think that means something to us and know it means something to our customers. They benefit from our years of experience and we can bring new light to the challenges you face with custom fabrications.

Another thing has never changed and you'll notice it when working with us. We have a hardcore midwestern work-ethic and dedication to doing things right and in a timely fashion. Here in Green Bay, you might call it horse sense and you know you can depend on it.

These are the "intangibles" in custom fabrication, but they impact far more than price and delivery. You'll know it when you have it and you'll know it when you need it. You'll know it at FOURINOX!


that exceed expectations